A short video showing steel being de-rusted using a Dry Acid Salts mix. Traditional strong acid solutions are usually used but are far more corrosive and far less "user friendly". Dry Acid Salts can be used at ambient or elevated temperatures by either soak or electrolytic application. Dry Acid is a versatile product that can be used for the following applications: *Activating dip prior to electroplating on: Steel, Zinc alloy diecastings, Copper, Brass, Aluminium *Chrome Stripping. *Nickel Activation – for replating, etc. *Rust and scale removal from steel. *Prior to chromate treatment of zinc and aluminium #electroplating #plating #metalfinishing #rust #derust #derusting #pretreatment #zinc #nickel

How to bronze or antique brass using HyBronze XBR. HyBronze XBR gives a dark bronze finish to treated surfaces and has the added benefit of being ideal for both immersion or spray application. For more information on metal finishing go to www.youplate.co.uk (UK sales only)

The Youplate "QuickVid" - Cold blackening solution for the blacking (bluing) of mild steel. See more information on the products used at http://youplate.co.uk/black.html Camera work is shoddy at best - needless to say the cameraman has been dealt with, but to avoid incrimination, we can say no more!

A simple demonstration of bright nickel plating using pre-blended bright nickel solution from Youplate.co.uk - It's just a demo - you can make your own solutions by mixing nickel sulphate, nickel chloride and boric acid. This will make a standard dull nickel - add performance additives to strengthen, level and brighten the deposit. http://youplate.co.uk/nickel.html - for nickel plating information. http://youplate.co.uk/cleaning.html - cleaning and preparation. http://youplate.co.uk/power.html - power units.

A short video from Youplate.co.uk to help with the pre-treatment and cleaning of parts prior to electroplating.

A brief presentation on how to zinc plate. Sorry, there is no sound on this video but there are more to come - watch this space!

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